How to enter


Eligibility Period
All entries must relate to achievements ONLY during the period Now - 17 March 2017.

Entries which do not focus on the eligibility period will be disqualified.

All entries and supportive materials will be kept confidential amongst organizing committee, unless there is official permission from entry owner.

Judging System:

  • Each Awards, judging panel is comprised of senior marketers. In the first round of the competition, judges review and score each entry independently out of a maximum of 100 points according to the criteria per category.
  • All entries will be reviewed by the judges in the first round of judging, regardless of number of entries in the category. A shortlist for each category is drawn from the aggregated scores from all of the judges for each entry.
  • Up to 5 top scoring entries in each category will form each shortlist. In cases where there are fewer than three entries in the category, judges will unanimously decide if the shortlist is considered and awarded at the second round of judging.
  • Judges' scores will only be included in the calculations if they have completed scoring for all entries.
  • In the second round of judging, each Awards panel shall further vote establishing the ranking in each category, which is the basic for the judging panel’s discussions and determine the winners for each entry: highest vote awarded Gold, second highest vote awarded Silver, and the third highest vote awarded Bronze.
  • The judges’ decisions are final. Awards will be made at the discretion of the judges based on a scoring system and no feedback or correspondence will be entered into about the results.

Entry Requirement:

  1. All entries must be submitted under DAAT’s official submission form that has been designed to ensure all the necessary information about the campaigns.
  2. If your agency is entering more than one category or entry, a form for each entry is required.
  3. Please make sure to conduct spellchecking and make sure all the information are correct prior to submission.
  4. All forms are to be submitted and written in English.
  5. Please carefully check all the credits you have entered. If you are shortlisted or a winner, these credits will be published on our website exactly as you have typed them here.
  6. Please ensure you do not refer to the name of your agency or any contributing creative companies, or people within this written submission.
  7. Within online entry form, you will be required to write in no more than 10 SINGLE-SIDED A4 pages in Word or PDF format

Importance note
  1. Awards organizers reserve the rights to turn down entries which offend certain race, religion, and political matters.
  2. In the case of complaint on submitted work, organizers have the rights to pull out the entry and to conduct full investigation.

Submission and material requirement:

Please submit your entry form along with the following items:
  • Cover Page/Executive Summary for all category
  • Cover Page shall be submitted online through following site:
  • All supporting material shall be submitted online through following site:
  • Video Hard Copies Submission
    • If you have submitted any video(s) as a supporting material on the entry system, please send 3 copies of DVDs/USB flash drives containing hi-res versions of ALL the same videos submitted online (in H264 compression, 1280 x 720, aspect ratio 16:9, and in .mp4, .avi, .mov, .wmv, .mpg or .mpeg2 formats) to:

      290/8 Ladprao Soi.84 (Praditmanutham 3) Wangthonglang, Bangkok

    • * All DVDs/USBs must reach the organizer office by 17 March 2017.
    • * Please ensure that you label the DVDs and the video files with the entry number assigned to you on the email confirmation that you received upon completion of your online submission. You may combine multiple videos onto a DVD/USB but we will need 3 copies of the same DVD/USB mailed to us. DAAT reserves the rights to publish the video wholly or in part.


The entry fee is applicable on EACH awards entry.

  • The entry fee for People of the Year Award entry is 2,500 THB.

The fee will be 10% discount for early payment, if payment is complete before 31 January 2017. All entry will be subjected to 7% VAT.

Preferred method of payment is by Bank Transfer, bank details are as follows:


  • Account name: C True Company Limited
  • Account number: 045-1-11893-5 (Current Account)
  • Bank name: Kasikorn Bank
  • Bank Branch: Ladprao 25

Cheques are NOT accepted.
Please ensure to add your scanned receipt of payment along with the entry form and your work.

All payment will be in Thai Baht only.
It is imperative that you cover ALL Bank charges; otherwise your entries may be refused.
Failure to pay may result in your entries being withdrawn.